AFS will host the 13th. World Filtration Congress (WFC 13)

After the announcement was made by the INDEFI Board AFS Members joined together to celebrate in the AFS booth. From left to right: Chris Wallace, Rahul Bharadwaj, Christine Sun, Klaas De Waal, Lyn Scholl, Wallace Leung, Wu Chen and Wenping Li.

After the announcement was made by the INDEFI Board AFS Members joined together to celebrate in the AFS booth. From left to right: Chris Wallace, Rahul Bharadwaj, Christine Sun, Klaas De Waal, Lyn Sholl, Wallace Leung, Wu Chen and Wenping Li.

The American Filtration & Separations Society was awarded the host country for World Filtration Congress 13 to be held in spring of 2020. This will be the third World Filtration Congress hosted in North America; the last being in New Orleans in 2004, an event that set the record as the best Congress to date, at the time. Following every World Congress, a host country must wait a minimum of 16 years to re-apply to host the event again.

By way of background, every four years the Global Filtration Societies gather for a World Congress and select the next World Congress. The AFS presented an extensive and detailed proposal at WFC 12 in April in Taipei, Taiwan. Over the years the Congress’s have earned the reputation as the premier global Filtration Conference and Exposition.

Considerable work went into the preparation of the AFS proposal by a team of AFS volunteers over a period of 3 years. The AFS team was led by Wallace Leung, Ph. D., Klaas De Waal, 2016 AFS Chairman, past AFS Chairs: Chris Wallace and Mark Willingham, AFS Treasurer: Todd Furbee, Corporate Sponsor Committee Chair: Rob Bender and Ms. Lyn Sholl, Executive Manager of the AFS.

WFC 13 will be held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel from April 20-24, 2020 which will include a large number of tracks, speakers from across the globe along with a substantial exposition. More details are expected throughout the remainder of the year and forward for those wishing to participate or exhibit at the San Diego Congress.

The AFS has additional announcements pending regarding its own semi-annual conferences and inner-workings, which will be reported on, as appropriate.

Ed Gregor, co-founder of the AFS said; “In all the years since the AFS formation in 1987, I have never seen such high-level of recent AFS volunteer officers and BOD members, enthusiasm on committees, individual members and dedicated Corporate Sponsors.  It has warmed my heart to watch the AFS grow and become the leading filtration organization in North America.  There are an almost endless number of followers and people to thank, but none more than the volunteers who actively participated and led the AFS over nearly 30 years to where it is today.”

2016 NETInc Conference

TAPPI is pleased to announce that the 2016 NETInc Conference. NETInc (Innovative Nonwovens Conference) will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 15-18, 2016. The NETInc Conference is organized by the Nonwovens Engineers and Technologists (NET) Division of TAPPI. NETInc is the perfect forum for Nonwovens Industry professionals and academics to share information that encourages research innovations, new product development and industry growth.

A foundation of strong technical presentations combined with targeted networking opportunities allows for an environment of professional growth.

The Keynote Speaker for this year’s conference will be Greg Bunker, Global Business Director for Adhesives and Functional Materials for Dow Chemicals.

Attendees of the NETInc 2016 Conference will have the opportunity to tour the laboratories of Michelman and Omya. These tours are scheduled for the last day of the conference – Wednesday, 1pm-5pm, May 18th.

The 2016 NETInc Conference will once again be co-located with PaperCo. NETInc attendees will be able to take advantage of presentations in other, relevant areas, such as coating, papermaking, and tissue manufacturing.


TAPPI is the leading association for the worldwide pulp, paper, packaging and converting industries and publisher of Paper360°, Tissue360° and TAPPI Journal. Through information exchange, events, trusted content and networking opportunities, TAPPI helps members elevate their performance by providing solutions that lead to better, faster and more cost-effective ways of doing business. It has provided management training and networking to the industry’s leaders for almost 100 years. For more information, visit TAPPI’s website.

Orival’s automatic self-cleaning filters

Electrically driven automatic self-cleaning filters have been around for over forty years. Many customers for filtration equipment could not justify these high-priced filters. Such filters did not always show much robustness—component failures were frequent. As the years passed, reliability improved but cost didn’t. The ORE/A series of filters by Orival, Inc. have earned the reputation not only of robustness but of being economical as well.

ORIVAL Model ORE/A Self-cleaning Filter

ORIVAL Model ORE/A Self-cleaning Filter

Limit switches have been eliminated; threaded shafts are no longer exposed to dirty environments and drive motors no longer need to reverse direction. Controls are simpler and available screen area has expanded.  While others use spring loaded screen cleaning nozzles that wear against the screen element, ORE/A models take advantage of a slight decrease in pressure at the nozzle opening to garner a small hydraulic gradient acting on the cleaning nozzle to hold the nozzle tip lightly against the screen surface reducing wear. All of this has been done to enhance performance and increase reliability while minimizing price. ORE/A filters come in a wide range of sizes with inlet and outlet connections of 2 to 24 inches. Filtration degrees range from 5 to 3000 microns.

Orival offers complete designs of manifolds and piping to mount multiple filter units in parallel to address any flow rate.

For more information contact:

Whitehouse Scientific CEO presents image analysis technique for robust particle size measurement at PARTEC 2016

Dr. Graham Rideal, CEO of particle sizing standards company Whitehouse Scientific, will present an image analysis technique to ensure accurate, robust and reproducible particle size measurements at PARTEC 2016, the International Congress on Particle Technology (Nürnberg, Germany: 19-21 April 2016), in a paper entitled Particle size analysis – Investigating Measurement Uncertainties in the Development of a Robust Validation.

Participating in the Applications of Particle Technology session at PARTEC, Dr. Rideal will speak on the challenges of proving that the imaging technique employed measures the correct dimension constantly and consistently throughout the analysis process. His paper investigates methods to ensure the validity of results and addresses all the elements that could be challenged in proving an unbroken link to the international definition of the meter, including the use of linear graticules, 2-dimensional grids and circles and 3-dimensional reference particles.

“The current generation of equipment claiming to measure particle size employs a variety of techniques such as light scattering, settling velocity, particle volume and the area obscured by light, to name but a few,” explained Dr. Rideal. “Each of these instruments converts the ‘measurements’ generated into the universally recognized ‘equivalent spherical size’. This is creating a potential issue where the operator cannot be confident that the measurements produced by the different techniques are actually correct and consistent with internationally accredited standards.

“My paper will guide users through the crucial parts of any image analysis operation to ensure results are meaningful, defendable and above all, correct. By implementing good practice throughout the analysis process to address key elements such as equipment set-up, calibration, illumination and focus, operators can minimise measurement uncertainty and it becomes easier to work within the parameters necessary for robust, reproducible and valid results.”

As part of the PARTEC exhibition, Whitehouse Scientific will be introducing a new image analysis calibration service for test sieves, providing the most precise and all-embracing analysis of sieves currently available. The company will also be showcasing new extensions to its range of sieve standards (up to 5mm) and monodisperse glass beads (up to 2mm).

To obtain a copy of Dr. Rideal’s paper, Particle size analysis – Investigating Measurement Uncertainties in the Development of a Robust Validation, and for more information about Whitehouse Scientific’s full range of products and services visit

Industry gearing up for Oil, Gas and Chemicals Filtration & Separations Conference and Expo in Houston

The 2016 Oil, Gas and Chemicals Filtration & Separations Conference and Expo in Houston, Texas is scheduled from May 9 – 11 at the Houston Marriott Westchase. The dates of the conference were intentionally set to immediately follow the Offshore Technology Conference.  In the ever increasing demand for energy and hydrocarbon-based products, process separation plays a critical role in enabling operations to run at higher capacities with low operational cost and reduced environmental impact.  This conference will gather presentations on a variety of separation methods available to the industry; from filters and coalescers to membranes and cyclones, and many more.

Anyone involved in the oil and gas or chemical processing industry are encouraged to attend.  Specialists and process engineers looking to understand specific separation methodologies, research and development scientists who want to present their innovations and young engineers looking for a primer in this exceptionally important area would all benefit from the knowledge being presented. The conference will include not only talks on technologies, but also on key subject areas such as, filtration, coalescing, produced water treatment and natural gas processing as well as a variety of other relative topics. The conference and expo will focus on both mechanical and chemical means to promote process separations. The conference will be preceded by specialized training courses and accompanied by industry leading experts as plenary speakers and technical session presenters.  This conference is primarily technical; however this year the conference will have an expo pavilion. The Expo will allow for a select number of technology and service suppliers to show their new products and services.  There is a fee to attend the conference and presentations, but expo only badges are available at no cost but advanced registration is required.

The venue is conveniently located in energy corridor of Houston, a city that is the heart of the hydrocarbon and chemical processing world. This conference will help engineers, technicians and managers to understand best-in-class practices for their filtration and separation questions, and help them to build their professional network to include some of the foremost authorities in the world on these processes.

A dynamic conference leadership team has been selected from various companies and industry experts. The objective is to assemble an exciting and educational program that includes several industry leaders along with the latest technical presentations in the field.  This year the conference will also feature a Q & A session, student and academics poster completion, and a unique initiative in the form of presentations related to the latest technological innovations in the field.

Information about the technical program and the exhibits will be available early 2016.


For more information contact: American Filtration & Separations Society
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