The Growing Trend of Sustainability Leads Directly to Herrmann Ultrasonics

Hermann Ultrasonics’ the new MICROBOND platform.

Are you still using heat or glue for your nonwovens application?

The advantages of ultrasonic solutions in the manufacturing of nonwovens products significantly supports sustainability intiatives.  Herrmann Ultrasonics has been at the forefront of this push in the industry, with leading ultrasonic technology, making glue-free diapers possible. Ultrasonic welding of nonwovens is a fast and stable process that is easily repeatable and immediately production-ready without the need for the pre-heating of components or adhesives. The technology allows for simultaneous embossing, laminating, perforating and cutting. The laminated materials provide a pleasant softness and fulfill all requirements for wear comfort and functionality. There is no need for hot glue –the process becomes more manageable, sustainable and ultimatly more efficient.

The introduction of the new MICROBOND platform allows for greater closed loop process control and the new intuiative touch screen supports visual real time process changes and monitoring, multiple actuator control and graphical representation of the ultrasonic bonding process in a single handheld unit.  These standard features, along with the proven MICROGAP control system, ensures consistent product quality and provides key advantages:

  • Elimination of adhesive and the downtime associated with preheating, start up and preventative maintenance
  • Soft to the touch – skin friendly
  • Close loop feedback ultrasonic process control offers high reliability and efficiency at high-speed production rates

End users and OEM’s persist to eliminate adhesives; turning to ultrasonics as the solution due to the high residual costs of running adhesive production and a significant reduction in machine downtime. Further development of elastic entrapment and stretch paneling applications support the move to glue-free diapers and a more sustainable process.

For more information visit Herrmann Ultrasonics at IDEA 2019, booth #1606, March 25 – 28, at the Miami Beach Covention Center, Miami, Florida

Expo Space at 13th World Filtration Congress Selling Fast More than Half of Conference Booths Reserved

Hosted by the American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS), the 13th World Filtration Congress (WFC13) is bringing together the world’s best minds in the filtration and separations industry to solve the world’s toughest challenges through knowledge exchange, networking and education. With 15 months left before the event, more than half of the event’s expo space has been sold.

WFC13 is scheduled April 20-24, 2020, in San Diego, CA.

“The World Filtration Congress is among the most important events to the filtration and separations industry,” said Thomas Ramsey, Chair of the Board of Directors of AFS. “There is not another event that brings together a higher caliber of attendee with regard to innovation in our industry, and companies, individuals and nonprofits alike, from every corner of the world, benefit immensely from participating.”

Booths are selling for $4,000 for a standard 10×10 space. Each booth comes with one conference registration, two expo passes, and inclusion on the event website, the exhibitor guide and the mobile app. Discounts are available for AFS corporate and platinum sponsors and for organizations who reserve more than one booth.

Organizations can realize savings and exceptional exposure by becoming a Conference Sponsor. Sponsorships are available at the Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl, Gold and Silver levels. Packages include a combination of booth space, conference registrations, expo passes, special recognition during the conference, exposure in conference signage and materials, and pre- and post-conference marketing opportunities. Details are available here:

To discuss a sponsorship opportunity or to reserve a booth, contact Lyn Sholl, executive director of the American Filtration and Separations Society, at or 615-250-7792.


The World Filtration Congress is held once every four years and rotates among member countries of INDEFI (International Delegation on Filtration), Austria, Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Nordics, UK and USA. The purpose of the congress is to foster a forum for scientists, engineers and practitioners in the world working on filtration and separation (F&S) to meet and share the latest advances and technologies.


The American Filtration & Separations (AFS) Society is a technical educational nonprofit organization started in 1987 to provide a forum for exchange of information among engineers, scientists, and technologists in all areas of the fluid/particle separation field. The AFS Society exists to disseminate information, education, and the encouragement of research, and to tell the story of the filtration and separation industry in North America, its long-term, positive socioenvironmental impact and future potential for the greater good.

POREX Plastic Filter Housings Extend Life of Ergonomic Vacuum Lifting Systems, Reduce Overall Costs of Workplace Safety

Porex has engineered plastic filter housings that offer enhanced longevity for ergonomic vacuum lifting systems through active filtration of debris within system vacuum pumps. Debuting in the U.S., the Porex technology helps to prevent box -handling equipment from malfunctioning or wearing out prematurely, making workplace safety more cost-effective for warehouse and plant managers to achieve and maintain.

Designed to relieve pressure off workers lifting heavy boxes and prevent injury, ergonomic vacuum lifting systems typically utilize a suction cup and pump mechanism that effortlessly hoists boxes. The technology provides employees with a safer, more efficient and risk-free work environment, but its vacuum pump component often faces issues of clogging, with dirt and dust becoming trapped and causing the part or machine to experience failure.

By effectively filtering out harmful particles, POREX Plastic Filter Housings can reduce the need for equipment repair and replacement, enhancing the durability of the vacuum pump, increasing work productivity and prolonging the life of the entire lifting system. Ultimately, this added protection saves on costs required to keep warehouses compliant with safety standards.

The U.S. introduction of POREX plastic filter housings follows the company’s global expansion. Recognizing customer needs, Porex designed new versions of its long-standing product line to utilize American National Standard Pipe Thread (NPT), the U.S. technical standard for screw threads on pipes and pipe fittings. The filter housings are easy to use, available in different porosities and can withstand high corrosion and chemical resistance.

“Avoiding workplace injury and fostering a safe work environment are paramount concerns for warehouse and plant managers across industries,” said Rusty Martin, global strategic marketing director at Porex. “Our plastic filtration housings help to ensure that vacuum lifting equipment operates with superior performance and outlasts standard lifespans, offering critical safety through a cost-effective solution.”

Beyond pneumatic vacuum systems, the POREX plastic filter housings are an economical filtration alternative for the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Learn more about POREX plastic filter housings and their applications at

About Porex Corporation

At Porex, we take pride in our nearly 60 years of leveraging technology and innovation to deliver unique solutions to our customers.  We go to great lengths to provide a comprehensive, collaborative engineering partnership to develop high-value porous solutions across functions such as absorbing, applying, diffusing, filtering, venting and wicking that enable our customers to bring new ideas to life. POREX currently services over 1,500 customers from 9 global manufacturing and development facilities across a wide range of industries including Biomedical Science, Consumer, Industrial, Electronics and more. With our unique technologies, unmatched experience, stringent regulatory and quality standards, extensive global footprint, and clean manufacturing practices, we partner with leading companies to create a safer, healthier, and more productive world.

Porex is part of the Life Sciences division of Filtration Group. Filtration Group is making the world safer, healthier and more productive by creating innovative solutions that deliver outstanding customer value.  Filtration Group serves a highly diverse set of customers with offerings that span life sciences, process technologies, and fluid and indoor air quality applications. One of the fastest growing companies in the industry, Filtration Group serves its customers from over 100 facilities in 28 countries.

Freudenberg Strengthens Filter Business

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies signs contract to purchase majority shareholdings of Apollo Air-cleaner Co., Ltd. in China

The global technology group Freudenberg is expanding its filter business. The Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Business Group signed a contract in China in December 2018 to purchase the majority shares of Apollo Air-cleaner Co., Ltd. The company is a leading supplier of air and water filtration solutions in China. In 2017, Apollo had around 1,000 employees and generated 750 million RMB in sales (approximately 96 million EUR). The transaction still requires approval from competition authorities.
“By purchasing the majority stake in Apollo, we are strengthening our position in China’s rapidly growing market for filtration solutions,” said Dr. Mohsen Sohi, Freudenberg Group CEO.

Air and water filtration solutions are enjoying strong year-on-year growth rates, especially in China, thanks to legislation demanding stricter regulations and increased environmental awareness. Experts estimate that the global market for products of Apollo – filters for room air purifiers, decentralized ventilation systems and water treatment – will have a total value of some 5 billion USD by the year 2022.

“Apollo is a great fit for Freudenberg,” said Dr. Andreas Kreuter, CEO of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies. “It is an innovative technology company that complements our own portfolio of filtration solutions for indoor air and water purification. The company also has first class production expertise and excellent networks in the industry.”

The product solutions of Apollo keep air or drinking water free of (ultra) fine particles, dangerous gases, odors and microorganisms and protect health. At its production site in Shunde, China, the company has established high standards for product quality, process efficiency and workplace safety, and is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS 16949.

Apollo will continue as a joint venture between Freudenberg (major shareholder) and the current sole proprietor Apollo Trading Group, Japan, under the name Freudenberg Apollo Filtration Technologies. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies intends to bring its current consumer filtration business into the joint venture.

Manufacturing, R&D and Customer Services at both Freudenberg Filtration Technologies and Apollo will benefit from the transaction. Main examples are the complementary competencies in filter media and gas filtration, which is growing ever more important.

“For nearly 20 years, Apollo has been offering innovative filtration solutions, improving the quality of life in China,” said Akihisa Yamamoto, CEO of Apollo Trading Group, and then adds: “The global development and production network and the more extensive portfolio of technological product solutions stemming from this joint venture will primarily benefit our customers.”

Apollo Air-cleaner Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures air and water purification products. The company provides filtration solutions for a variety of applications, for example for air-conditioners, refrigerators, room air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, automobiles, kitchen facilities, humidifiers, HVAC equipment, medical purifiers, water purifiers, printers and copy machines. The company was founded in July 2000. In 2017, it reached sales of 750 million RMB (approximately 96 million EUR) and employed some 1,000 people.

As a global technology leader in air and liquid filtration, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies develops and produces high-performance, energy-efficient filtration solutions which improve the efficiency of industrial processes, conserve resources, protect people and the environment and thus enhance the quality of life. With its Viledon and micronAir global brands, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies offers customers innovative filter elements and systems for the energy and resources, hygiene and health, automobile and transport, production and building technology sectors, and for highly-specialized applications. In 2017, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies generated sales of around 423 million EUR and employed almost 2,100 people. www.freudenberg-

Freudenberg is a global technology group that strengthens its customers and society long-term through forward-looking innovations. Together with its partners, customers and research institutions, the Freudenberg Group develops leading-edge technologies and excellent products and services for more than 30 markets and for thousands of applications: seals, vibration control components, technical textiles, filters, specialty chemicals, medical products, IT services and the most modern cleaning products.

Strength of innovation, strong customer orientation, diversity, and team spirit are the cornerstones of the Group. The 169-year-old company holds strong to its core values: a commitment to excellence, reliability and pro-active, responsible action.

In 2017, the Freudenberg Group employed approximately 48,000 people in some 60 countries worldwide and generated sales of more than 9.3 billion EUR. For more information, please visit

Berry Global Group, Inc. Announces Specialty Meltblown CapacityInvestment

Berry Global Group, Inc. (NYSE:  BERY) announced in November that they are to invest in a specialty meltblown asset to produce high efficiency filtration media serving the Asia markets, as previously announced. Current projections are for commercial production to start in 2019.

This investment, which will be a part of the Company’s Health, Hygiene, and Specialties Division, is targeted to meet forecasted market and customer growth, and will be focused on premium applications in the Room Air Purification, Industrial Face Mask and Cabin Air Filtration markets.

“The filtration market is growing rapidly and we are excited to expand our capacity to accommodate the growing markets and increased demand. Our commitment is strong to this market and the entire nonwovens space. Our investment in meltblown capacity is the next step in advancing our market leading position in filtration solutions,” said Scott Tracey, President of Berry’s Health, Hygiene, and Specialties Division.

About Berry

Berry Global Group, Inc. (NYSE:BERY), headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, is committed to its mission of ‘Always Advancing to Protect What’s Important,’ and proudly partners with its customers to provide them with value-added protective solutions.  The Company is a leading global supplier of a broad range of innovative non-woven, flexible, and rigid products used every day within consumer and industrial end markets.  Berry, a Fortune 500 company, generated $7.1 billion of sales in fiscal 2017.  For additional information, visit Berry’s website at