Nonwoven Filter Media Suppliers Respond To Market Demands

By Geoff Fisher, European Correspondent

Since their widespread market introduction in the 1970s, nonwoven materials have been playing a key – and growing – role in filtration. They offer a less-expensive alternative to woven textiles and often provide a technical advantage over other materials owing to their physical construction.
With the global filtration market currently valued at more than $80 billion, nonwovens account for …Continue Reading »

JCEM’s Application-Specific Lineup Covers All the Bases

By Chris Lyons, Sales Manager, JCEM USA

For more than 20 years, JCEM has been producing the world’s finest pleating equipment under its “P-series Generation.” Starting with its P1 machine in 1996 to its latest P7 model in 2017, JCEM continues to innovate exceptionally.

P3 Series
Over the last 15 years, JCEM’s P3 Generation has become an industry standard, implemented by most of the world’s largest filter companies for its extreme versatility, robust mechanical design, ease of operation, and high reliability.…Continue Reading »

SWM International, a Global Leader in Filtration Materials

By Edward C. Gregor, Editorial Board Chairman, International Filtration News

SWM International, (NYSE:SWM) is a globally recognized specialty materials company, headquartered in Alpharetta, GA. Dating back several centuries to Europe, SWM was historically focused on fiber-based specialty papers. SWM has now established its Advanced Materials & Structures (AMS) business to include expertise and capabilities in resin-based material technologies.

As part of this effort, SWM acquired and integrated several global materials companies specializing in market-leading high-performance nettings, TPU films, and non-wovens, including DelStar Technologies (2013), Argotec (2015) and Conwed Plastics (2017).
As part of the Conwed acquisition, SWM also acquired its subsidiary Filtrexx International, a leader in the research and development of sustainable, compost-based solutions for sediment control and storm water management.…Continue Reading »