JCEM Does It Again with All-New P7 Model

By Chris Lyons, Sales Manager, JCEM USA

In 2015, JCEM GmbH Switzerland introduced their newest P6 Generation Pleating machine that truly revolutionized what was possible with one pleating machine. The P6 gave their customers more flexibility, in terms of pleat height, material width and material types, than any other Pleating machine in the industry.

Now, in 2017, JCEM does it again by offering another revolutionary design with its all-new High Speed P7 Pleating machine. …Continue Reading »

Hollingsworth & Vose: Focused on Technology and Lasting Relationships

By Edward C. Gregor, Editorial Advisory Board Chairman, International Filtration News

Few companies in the United States have been around as long as Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V), headquartered in East Walpole, Mass. Company history dates back to colonial times when its predecessor began producing hand-made writing and printing paper.

The Hollingsworth family became involved in the 1790s. Over time, the focus shifted from traditional types of paper to specialty materials. H&V developed the first patent on Manila paper and became a leading producer of electrical insulating materials. Yet it wasn’t until 1940 when the company began to concentrate its efforts on filtration media. The Hollingsworth family is now in its seventh generation of ownership led by Val Hollingsworth, president & CEO.

The company is largely recognized as a provider of a diverse range of excellent filtration media for use in air and liquid, as well as coalescing.…Continue Reading »

Nanofiber Composites for HAVC Filtration

By Eugene Beck, Berry Global, Inc.

Nanofiber composites have been associated with filtration for decades. Multiple niche markets utilize various forms of nanofibers when exacting high levels of filtration efficiency are desired or mandated. Nanofibrous filtering media has been commercialized for use in atmospheric air cleaners, cabin filtration, respiratory and breathing filters, engine oil and fuel, and machinery air intake filters. Numerous polymer systems have deployed using organic, inorganic, and biopolymers depending on the specific challenge. …Continue Reading »