JCEM’s New P6 Generation Continues to Impress

JCEM, with its main headquarters in Switzerland and with sales, service and parts based in the USA, released the all-new P6 Generation Blade Pleating machine in the summer of 2015. In the year since its introduction, the P6 has proven to be more than even JCEM had planned by truly living up to its target of being the most versatile pleating machine produced in history. The P6 is unique in that it offers no compromise in performance regardless of the pleating application or pleat height.…Continue Reading »

FILTECH 2016: Pitiless With Pollutants

Some 350 companies are taking part in this year’s Filtech 2016, which takes place in Cologne, Germany, from October 11-13, and always prominent at this exhibition is Blücher GmbH, based in Erkrath, Germany. The core of this family-owned firm’s business is based on spherical, high-performance adsorbents, which are similar to activated carbon in how they react, but far superior in performance. They are branded – Saratoga and Saratech – and pollutants, odors and other unwanted substances can be reliably filtered out of gases and fluids and then safely bonded inside them.…Continue Reading »

Ahlstrom – A Nonwoven Specialist in Industrial Filtration – Contributing to Cleaner Air and Energy Efficiency

Higher energy costs and ever increasing consumption demands worldwide have increased the focus on energy efficiency in many industries. One example is the power generating industry, which is driven by creating maximum efficiency, affordable electricity and low emissions. The consumption and production of energy will continue to rise globally and this article will highlight how correct filter selection at power plants can help to contribute to a reduction in energy consumption.…Continue Reading »