JCEM Solves Age-Old Pleating Dilemma with New P6 Pleating Machine

By Chris Lyons, Sales Manager, JCEM USA

After many years of selling pleating equipment, customers often wish for a pleating machine with a pleat height range above and beyond their immediate needs. That request is normal as culture longs for the bigger engine, the 3rd row seat, the larger flat screen and so on. Name it and consumers want it bigger and better and there is nothing wrong with that. However, pleating machines, specifically blade-pleating machines, don’t work that way. …Continue Reading »

Five Reasons to Consider Dura-Life Hydroentangled Bags for Enhanced Baghouse Performance

By Joe Kiolbasa, Product Manager, Donaldson Torit

There have been many articles published that focus on advances in industrial dust collector filters, but the lion’s share of them focused on dust collectors using cartridge filters. While collectors with cartridges offer many advantages, there are thousands of facilities in North America still buying and operating baghouses. This paper addresses the filtration needs of these baghouse owners and operators. …Continue Reading »

Saturated Depth Coalescing

By Shagufta Patel, John Krogue and Michelle Hewitt, PECOFacet (USA), Inc.

Natural gas processing is a complex system designed to clean raw natural gas by removing impurities and separating and recovering various non-methane hydrocarbons and fluids to produce dry, pipeline quality, natural gas.…Continue Reading »

Self-Cleaning Filters Permit Avista to Use River Water to Cool Compressors

The Cabinet Gorge Dam was doing some retooling a short time ago and they had to make some important decisions on filtering. The dam is the second largest of eight hydroelectric developments operated by Avista, a major electric and gas utility headquartered in Spokane, Washington. The dam itself is located on the Clark Fork River in Idaho. Its licensed generating capacity is 263.2 megawatts and it features one vertical Kaplan turbine and three vertical propeller turbines.…Continue Reading »