Beverlin Uses “We Could If” Approach to Solve Industry Challenges

As a global supplier of premium perforated filter cores, one of Beverlin’s core values is to think in terms of “we could if” vs. “we can’t because” when presented with opportunities and challenges. Because the company openly embraces a value like this, and they take the time to inscribe it in stone, they know the employees are putting themselves on a pedestal. And while at times it can be tough to meet their own expectations, they never take their eyes off the goal.

Embracing a “we could if” spirit has become a differentiator for Beverlin. When it comes to being a customer fanatic, …Continue Reading »

Filtration Events in 2018 Will Reflect Big Challenges and Opportunities for Sector

By Adrian Wilson, International Correspondent

The first major events for the filtration industry taking place in 2018 are Filtech from March 13-15 in Cologne, Germany and FiltCon, the spring conference of the American Filtration and Separations Society, which will be held at the Mystic Lake Conference Center in Prior Lake, Minn., from April 23-25.

Both events will offer deeper insight into some of the major issues of relevance to the sector, …Continue Reading »

Meltblown Technology for Filtration Applications

By Claudia Henkel and Michael Latinski, Oerlikon Manmade Fibers

Almost 500,000 tons of nonwovens are currently used annually in the production of filters, which corresponds to around 10% of current worldwide industrial nonwovens manufactured.

The filter market comprises air and liquid filtration. While more than 170,000 tons of nonwovens were manufactured for gas/air filters in 2015, the volume for liquid filters was almost twice that at around 295,000 tons.

Depending on the specific application, the demands placed on filters are extremely high. For example, high-efficiency particulate air filters for clean rooms must filter < 1 µm particles from the air with virtually 100% efficiency. Filters must achieve their separation performance with the lowest possible pressure drop – i.e. filter resistance. Pressure drop is one of the most important quality features of filters: the lower the pressure drop, the more energy efficient the filter of the corresponding filter class.…Continue Reading »