INDA’s 25th Filtration Delivers “Pure Solutions” with International Conference & Exposition

INDA’s 25th Filtration International Conference & Exposition with its Nonwoven Filter Media Training Course delivered “Pure Solutions” for attendees of the event, Nov. 8-10, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. Over 1,300 filter media and component suppliers, customers, consultants and academics met with more than 130 exhibitors to conduct business within the growing industry for air and liquid filtration, a major sector for nonwoven fabrics in media.…Continue Reading »

Perfect Seals and Bonds

Sonderhoff is the specialist in ensuring that filter housings are perfectly aligned with their housings, for maximum results.

Whether in vacuum cleaners, cars or the air conditioning systems of industrial plants, the principle behind every air filter is basically the same – contaminated air is taken in at one side and the clean, filtered air flows out of the other.

To ensure this process is maximized, however, filters must be well bonded and ensure a perfect seal. To ensure this, Cologne, Germany-based Sonderhoff provides mixing and dosing machines, as well as material systems for sealing and bonding of filters in different applications.…Continue Reading »

At the Core: It’s Their Business

In an industry dominated by technical interface nuances and highly complicated processes, systems and requirements, the soft keys to success are often overlooked. The intentional focus on exceeding expectations makes the difference between really good and exceptional supplier partners. Raising the bar starts with understanding the values that drive an organization. Then, most importantly, the organization measures and maintains its focus on demonstrated, actionable results. In other words, a great partner reinforces what’s important to the customer and uniquely delivers on its value equation.…Continue Reading »

FILTECH 2016 – Going “Glocal” in Cologne

Over half a century since its debut, Filtech continues to go from strength to strength as a truly international conference and exhibition for the global filtration industry. This year, the conference comprised 174 papers presented by speakers coming from 23 countries, while around 40 new companies boosted exhibitors to a record 355 in Cologne, Germany, from October 11-13.…Continue Reading »

Overview of Membrane Technologies

Membrane treatment technologies have gained significant interest in the last three decades for treating non-traditional water sources to meet more stringent water quality standards. Technological advances in membrane have decreased costs significantly, making them more economically comparable to other treatment options.

The most common types of membranes are low-pressure membranes including microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) for water and wastewater treatment, and Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) for wastewater treatment.…Continue Reading »