A “Hole” Lot More From Your Perforated Core

As the filtration market continues to evolve, with the constant introduction of new technologies, what used to be considered a simple part, the perforated metal core, has evolved as well. Today, the drive for customer differentiation and specialization has expanded the concept of perforated metal cores and tubes to include a wider variety of product options than ever before, including end margins, perforated skip patterns and welded fittings.…Continue Reading »

Multipor High Porosity Wire Cloth for Polymer Filtration

By Mark Willingham, Purolator Advanced Filtration/Martin Kurz (MKI)/Purolator EFP

With a combination of process viscosities as high as 10,000 poise, temperatures up to 600┬░ F and operating pressures of up to 5,000 psi, the filtration of molten polymers represents one of the most challenging applications for filter manufacturers and users. Adding to this challenge is the fact that most polymer filtration applications require relatively fine levels of filtration, often as low as 10 .…Continue Reading »

In Memoriam – Larry Avery

Larry Avery, American Filtration & Separations Society Pioneer, 1921 – 2015 Larry Avery became active with the United Kingdom Filtration Society from its beginnings in 1963. In 1968 Mr. Avery formed the NY Chapter of the Society and was twice …Continue Reading »