Multi-Billion Dollar Market to Separate Liquids from Oil and Gas

By Robert McIlvane

The market to remove liquids from oil and gas is close to $2 billion per year and includes the range of devices to remove both small and large droplets as well as water in emulsified solutions. Mercury removal from natural gas is also a significant market opportunity for the filtration and separation industry. Water and other liquids need to be removed from natural and synthetic gas. …Continue Reading »

Solid-Liquid Separation Technology for Removing Contaminant Fines from Water Scrubbing, Clarifier Effluents and Grey Water

By Barry A. Perlmutter, President & Managing Director, BHS-Sonthofen Inc.

Treating water for environmental and process benefits is becoming more important in the oil and gas, energy, bioenergy, biochemical and chemical industries. As these operations are looking to become more cost efficient, water usage is being investigated. One critical aspect of these processes is the solid-liquid separation technology that is used to keep the water free of solid contaminant fines.…Continue Reading »