The True Cost: Considering the Cost of Ownership for Hot Gas Filters

By Bob McIlvaine, President, The McIlvaine Company

“The true cost analysis needs to be as site specific as possible. In fact, it can be created in tiers with a top tier being a process, such as fuel combustion, and then segmented by specific industry, and then by specific fuel. Ultimately, a customized version needs to be presented to accurately represent the true cost of a given filtration technology.”

This is the second article in our “True Cost” series, which will appear in each issue of International Filtration News with the aim of highlighting the “True Cost” of various filtration options. This article is an introduction to hot gas filtration. …Continue Reading »

Automation Runs the Show at ITMA 2019

By Adrian Wilson, European Correspondent

ITMA, the textile technology exhibition that takes place once every four years in Europe, was held from June 20-26 this year, attracting more than 105,000 visitors to Barcelona, Spain.

With 1,700-plus exhibitors from 45 countries, featured technologies supported a wide range of fiber-based products ranging from clothing and home furnishings to more technical products such as construction materials and reinforcements for composites.…Continue Reading »

Henkel’s Oberle Discusses Trends In Adhesive Technology

By Edward C. Gregor, Editorial Board Chairman, International Filtration News

Daniel Oberle, Global Market Development Manager at Henkel Adhesives, has been with Henkel for 31 years. Henkel specializes in adhesives in the filtration and separation technology markets.

Henkel is the company behind many well-known global industrial brands, including LOCTITE, TECHNOMELT, and TEROSON. The company doesn’t just sell adhesives and sealants. The company’s objective is to provide systems that improve performance, reduce costs, and expose freedoms for designers and manufacturing engineers. Often, Henkel provides the enabling technology, which opens the opportunity to do things that otherwise couldn’t be done, such as increase surface area, reduce pressure drop,…Continue Reading »

Trends That Will Shape the Future of Filtration

By Sandy Frinton, Industry Writer

As preparation for FiltXPO 2020 is underway, INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, has brought together a panel of experts in air and liquid filtration to discuss critical issues and emerging opportunities. The following summarizes key takeaways from a series of conversations with some of the leading minds in the filtration industry.…Continue Reading »