Global Big Issues Will Drive Events in 2016

By Adrian Wilson, European Correspondent

Taipei, Taiwan’s capital is the location for the 12th World Filtration Congress (WFC 12), which takes place from April 16-20 this year, with over 340 technical presentations planned covering all aspects of the worldwide filtration and separation industry.…Continue Reading »

Rosedale Products Pleated Cartridges for Filter Bag Housings

By Dan Morosky, Vice President of Sales, Rosedale Products, Inc.

Rosedale Products, Inc. is a leading technology developer in the field of liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products for customers around the globe. With more than 50 years of experience, Rosedale offers an exceptional product line that includes high-performance filtration solutions for multiple industries. Rosedale technicians help customers find the best, most cost-effective approaches to their filtration needs.…Continue Reading »

Advances in Cartridge Filter Designs

By Ryan Pastrana, John Krogue and Martin Hatfield, Clarcor Ind. Air

Cartridge filters have become a common design in many applications, ranging from water filtration, various air filtering needs and with industrial process fluids. Cartridge designs are very advantageous for increasing the surface area of the filter by making use of a more compact design versus a flat panel filter. The strength of a cartridge filter also lends itself to applications that see high pressures.…Continue Reading »


By Haluk Alper, President & Chief Science Officer, MYCELX Technologies

Sustainable and Green are terms which are heard often these days. As occurs with nascent environmental language these terms have become usurped and ill ÔÇô used as to the true intended meaning and the original motivations in creating the language in the first place.

This article will discuss some aspects of sustainability and greenness as relates to technology and materials in the environment.…Continue Reading »