Sonobond's Ultrasonic Bonding Equipment Provides Fast, Dependable and Cost-Effective Filtration Assembly Without Thread or Glue (full screen)

Sonobond's award-winning RingMaster Filter Bag Machine delivers fast, reliable assembly of heavy-duty industrial liquid and chemical filter bags. Those attending Filtration 2012 in Philadelphia will be able to view a video of this machine in action at the Sonobond exhibit in Booth #702.
Sonobond Ultrasonics is the leading provider of ultrasonic bonding machinery for assembling filters and filtration products. This equipment is used for a wide variety of applications in the automotive, airline, food, paper, pharmaceutical, air & water filtration, liquid absorption, agricultural, petroleum, and environmental fields.

Advantages of Ultrasonic
Ultrasonic bonding is a reliable, well-established, and environmentally friendly process that utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to fuse synthetics and nonwoven materials. This bonding method does away with the need for needles, thread, adhesives, or other consumables, while also eliminating related concerns about stitch holes, glue gaps, and broken threads.

Sonobond's ultrasonic bonding process is completed in only seconds, takes up a minimal amount of material at the seam, and provides a much stronger and dependable bond than is produced with stitching, glue, or hot air methods. Sonobond bonders have the added advantage of being four times faster than sewing machines and ten times faster than adhesive machines. The equipment is also easy to operate and requires minimal training. Sonobond's ultrasonic technology is so reliable that it is used to assemble the disposable medical apparel that helps protect personnel from hazardous fluids.

Machines for Every Application
Sonobond's extensive and versatile line of ultrasonic bonding equipment enables manufacturers to choose the machine or machines best suited for their specific requirements. Here is a brief overview of the bonders most often selected for filtration assembly.

The Sonobond SeamMasterT Series features ultrasonic machines that seal, sew, and trim material in one quick, continuous rotary process. This equipment can be set up as a stand-alone unit or incorporated into production lines.

Although similar in appearance and operation to a traditional sewing machine, the Sonobond SeamMaster uses no needles or thread. Fraying and unraveling of bonded edges and seams are virtually eliminated. Customers can select from over 500 standard pattern wheels-plus custom designs-for slitting, sealing, seaming, embossing, and tacking.

Multiple Uses
Sonobond's SeamMaster High Profile Bonder features a high clearance between the wheel and horn. This makes it ideal for hand-guided applications with tight tolerances and for working around curves. An important feature of this machine is the availability of a special fixture for bonding pleated filters.

Numerous manufacturers use this versatile machine for filtration assembly purposes. For example, American Air Filter International utilizes this equipment to assemble various types of commercial air filters, such as those used for HVAC, dust collection, nuclear, and bio-chemical applications. Enfilter Limited bonds the longitudinal seams of its liquid and gas filter cartridges. EvoOrganic puts together environmentally friendly filtration fabrics for agricultural, landscape, and garden products. Kuss Filtration uses the High Profile bonder in assembling its fuel filters. Supply Pro assembles oil-absorbent pads, booms, and pillows with the machine, and Velcon Filters utilizes this ultrasonic equipment to create filtration components for commercial and military jet fuel handling.

Sonobond's SeamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic Bonder is an easy-to-operate machine and is available with a special fixture for bonding pleated filters. It is used to assemble jet fuel filters, commercial air filters, oil-absorbent booms, and much more.

Sonobond's ultrasonic equipment is used to assemble filters and filtration products for a wide variety of industries. Ultrasonic bonding is much faster than sewing or adhesive methods.

Box-Style Filters, Filter Bag Ends
Sonobond's SureWeldT 20 Ultrasonic PlungeBonderT is a powerful, dependable, multi-use machine that is ideal for sealing large, multi-layer and difficult-to-bond materials in just one hit. It is often used for sealing box-style filters and filter bag ends. This machine-as well as its welding horns and nests or fixtures-can be customized for specific applications. For example, a special two-head version is used by American Air Filter to assemble cube filters. Other manufacturers utilize this equipment for such applications as assembling automotive air filters and HEPA-rated filters used in bag-less vacuum cleaners.

Filter Bag Assembly
Sonobond's award-winning RingMasterT Filter Bag Machine is specially designed for the high-quality, high-volume assembly of heavy-duty filter bags used for a variety of chemical and industrial liquid applications. This innovative ultrasonic bonder joins the plastic collar to felted filter media to create a dependable 360° bond. The entire process is completed in two steps, takes less than ten seconds, and produces up to 250 bags per hour. Custom tooling is available to accommodate a variety of bag sizes and ring diameters. A video showing this machine in action can be seen on the company website:

The Filter Collar BonderT is designed for lower-production assembly of bag filters. The unit creates a reliable 360° weld between the bag and the plastic ring in as little as 45 seconds. Between 50 and 80 bags per hour can be assembled in this way.

Free Viability Test
Because Sonobond has such an extensive number of ultrasonic bonding machines, the company offers a no-cost, no-obligation Ultrasonic Bonding Viability Test to help determine the equipment best suited for any specific application. Filtration assemblers are encouraged to provide materials so that sample bonds can be made. Once it is decided to install a Sonobond machine, this work is completed as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to the customer's production process. Sonobond also provides prompt, dependable technical support before, during, and after installation.

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