May/June | Volume 32, No. 3

Versatile Basket Filters.
By Dan Morosky, Rosedale Products, Inc.

Rosedale Products’ line of stainless steel baskets

In many applications, stainless steel baskets are a good alternative to replace filter bags and other media. Fruit juice pulp straining, coarse filtration in meat packaging plants, water intake strainers, and spray nozzle protection, have all been ideal basket filter applications. Filter baskets may seem old fashioned, but there are many design innovations to consider. Ultimately, basket selection varies greatly, depending on the application. Consider the following options:

Wire Mesh Baskets
Wire clothed lined baskets are the tried and true strainer that all of us know. They use wire cloth as the filter medium and can be physically from the size of a coffee cup to the size of a 55-gallon drum.

The wire cloth has a mesh count or mesh size, which is the number of wires running horizontally and vertically per square inch. For example, a 10-mesh screen means it has 10 wires per square inch as noted. The resulting opening is the micron rating.

Traditionally, basket strainers have used square weave wire cloth as the filter media for coarse filtration down to 50u or openings of about 0.002 inches, and twilled weaves are for finer mesh to 5 microns ( 0.0002”). As a rule, wire mesh is manually cleanable in weaves coarser than 75u (200 mesh or 0.0003”) and the finer grades require chemical or ultrasonic cleaning.

NEW High grade sintered mesh
These baskets have multiple layers of stainless steel wire-woven cloth, diffusion bonded together for increased strength, corrosion resistance, and long life.

One-piece construction for ease in handling, no need for a perforated basket for support, no need for a bag for filtration, the basket becomes the filter media.

• All 316 stainless steel construction
• 10-150 micron ratings
• TIG welded construction for long life

Wedge wire strainer baskets
Wedge wire (WW) or slotted, is very durable back washable media. They are strictly limited to .001” slot or 25 micron as the lowest retention rating. Wedge wire is particularly suited for critical low maintenance applications. As a result of their construction, they are used in many instances where manual cleaning is necessary but might damage other types of media.

Sorbent media containment
A combination carbon adsorption and downstream filtering unit can be ordered. Available in the larger single-basket and all multi-basket vessels, it positions the carbon-holding basket inside a larger filter bag-holding basket. A variety of filter bag media is offered.

RS Style For Recirculating Systems
Flow enters from the top, into a perforated cylinder around which is packed activated carbon. Flow moves radially through the carbon and exits through the side wall, which is perforated and lined with 100-mesh screen.

SP Style For Single-Pass (1-Time) Processing
Flow enters from the top through a perforated cover and into the activated carbon bed. Flow moves down through the carbon and exits through the bottom plate, which is perforated and lined with 100-mesh screen.

Bag to “stick” conversion
Turn Bag Housings Into Cartridge Filters. Basket holds cartridges inside a bag housing!

Rosedale’s bag filter converter can be quickly converted to a cartridge filter. Simply put, there are applications that call for a bag filter and others that call for a cartridge filter. Until now, it wasn’t very easy to change between the two.

If it becomes necessary to change from bags to cartridges – install the Rosedale Converter Basket.

• Remove the original basket
• Install the new converter basket
• Load the cartridges
• Unique design prevents clean side contamination by removing basket from housing before removing cartridges from converter.

Users now have a cartridge filter able to utilize any standard cartridge. Baskets fit standard models 4-12, 8-15, and 8-30 housings. Construction materials are either 304 stainless or 316 stainless steel.

Existing installations can easily convert to a single housing by installing the Rosedale adaptor basket.

This is accomplished by replacing the perforated filter basket with the adaptor. The solid side basket accepts the new cartridge and directs the flow through the unit.

Cone Baskets
Cone baskets are valuable when a large filtering area is needed in a small space. They are available as a basket within a basket, or a bag within a basket.

Cone baskets are widely used for filtration of solid particles in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.

Inner Baskets
Model 8 and any of the multi-basket or multi-bag units can be fitted with smaller, inner basket strainers or bag filters, through which the in-coming fluid flows first, giving two-stage cleaning action. Inner baskets and bags are offered in the same construction materials and ratings as those of the primary outer elements.

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