July/August | Volume 32, No. 4

Twist-LOK Filter Series Provides Versatile Phase Separation
By Mike Click, Marketing Director, Jonell Inc.

Twist-LOK's elements, showing first stage identified by color code blue end caps and second stage on the left, identified by color code white end caps.

Filtration plays a key role in not only protecting society from contaminants but also protecting industrial equipment as well by separating fluid and particles or separating different chemical types of materials. As a result of today’s operational complexities, industry filtration equipment demands have grown increasingly more sophisticated to meet the challenges.

A phase separation filter must be both capable of seamless performance in wide-ranging conditions in the midst of even the harshest environments. A premier solution has arrived, with the introduction of Twist-LOK™ Filter Series’ versatile separation system from Jonell, Inc.  This innovative product delivers superior contaminant removal and coalescing efficiency, plus the patent-pending Twist-LOK locking mechanism.

Twist-LOK’s major feature is its two-piece design, allowing real-time field customization and the ability to replace the first stage filter element without having to also replace the second stage coalescer element. Also, Twist-LOK is designed specifically for installation into Peach® Gemini PuraSep® vessels.

Breakthrough Natural gas
Twist-LOK’s revolutionary design accomplishes multiple objectives in doing its job. This filter optimizes flexibility and reliability while it processes high liquid loads with exceptional particulate handling. Specifically for the energy industry, which has always been in the forefront of innovative technology, Twist-LOK’s first and second stage applications are designed to remove liquid and solid contaminants from natural and process gas.

Its assembled cartridge provides a Stage 1 “outside to inside” flow direction filter element and Stage 2 provides the reverse “inside to outside” flow coalescer element. Within this process, a new feature provides savings not available with other cartridges. With other filtration/coalescing elements, it was necessary to replace both stages, which often meant wasting a clean Stage 2 element. With the new Twist-LOK Filter Series, however, users can optionally replace and optimize Stage 1 with no need to replace Stage 2, a bonus for companies that appreciate opportunities to take advantage of savings in their operations.

Exceptional versatility
All Twist-LOK cartridges offer exceptional versatility by including, for instance, an extensive listing of optional filter and coalescing combinations. These can be readily customized by users to adapt to individual process applications.

In a relatively short time, Twist-LOK’s two-stage phase separation – actual filter element in the first stage for the “outside to inside” gas flow and coalescer element for the second stage’s “inside to outside” gas flow – has changed how filtration purchasers view this type of product. Instead of having to determine how competitive system components work together to accomplish the desired task, more and more companies have readily taken to the Jonell motto: Quality filtration made simple.

Twist-LOK elements, showing Second Stage Coalescer in the center, with two different variations of the First Stage Filters on either side.

Patent Pending Twist-LOK
locking mechanism

Twist-LOK and many other industrial products, from gas and liquid filters to filter vessel internals, are designed and manufactured by Breckinridge, Texas-based Jonell, Inc., which was founded in the 1980s expressly to provide quality filter elements to the oil and gas industry. Building on its continuing growth in the filtration market, Jonell offers numerous filter options, both pleated and depth style, in an equally large media selection that encompasses every application and compatibility requirement in the oilfield.

Stage 1 Application
First Stage elements in Twist-LOK essentially pave the way for the Second Stage to operate most effectively.  Through Stage 1 removal of solid and semi-solid particulates and pre-coalesce liquids, Stage 2 functions with maximum performance and minimal flow blockage over an extended period of time.

In Stage 1, media include Tri-DEPTM, micro-fiberglass, polyester, polypropylene, cellulose, cotton and the product is custom-engineered. Jonell’s trademarked Tri-DEP media fiber extrusion process has proven the value of its fiber extrusion process.  This unique process utilizes synthetic trilobal fibers, which provide increased void spaces for contaminant retention whereas traditional circular fiber media are comparatively lacking in this respect.  With real workhorse capabilities, Tri-DEP media’s availability in both polyester and polypropylene provides exceptional mechanical and chemical resistance in a variety of applications.

Stage 2 Application
With Stage 1 effectively clearing the way, Stage 2 elements have been designed as ultra-high efficiency coalescers that consistently remove sub-micron low-surface tension liquids.  Similar to Stage 1, Jonell offers numerous high-efficiency Stage 2 coalescer elements; ideal for every application, these are available in pleated, depth and custom combination styles. In Stage 2, the custom-engineered product's media include Tri-DEP micro-fiberglass, polyester, polypropylene, cellulose and cotton.

Impressive features/benefits
As would be expected from a company with Jonell’s design and manufacturing capabilities, features and benefits of the Twist-LOK Filter Series are many, built around its specific design for Peach Gemini PuraSep installation. Among the foremost is that the system allows replacement of first stage filter elements without removing the second stage coalescing elements from the vessel. Along these lines, the system also allows wide-ranging combinations of cartridges for the ideal 3-part blend: filtration, coalescing and drainage characteristics.

Additionally, with an importance beyond its immediate task, Twist-LOK efficiently removes solid particulates and liquid aerosols thus protecting costly downstream equipment.  Carefully taking into account any traditional filtration problems, Jonell designers also made three significant upgrades. First, the integrated solids shield now better prevents any solids build-up behind the gasket; this allows easier removal of elements.

The other two innovations are the new Tri-DEP synthetic filters that have much greater contaminant-holding capability, and the new dust guard that both provides extra strength and helps prevent collapse of the element and gasket sealing failure.

Further underscoring the uniqueness of Twist-LOK, the system is designed whereby the user can (1) customize cartridges in real-time and (2) most effectively pair filter/coalesce elements with specific process needs. With all the attention to detail, it should also be no surprise that designers re-invented the size of the units for very practical and cost-saving reasons. As a result, Twist-LOK’s two-stage elements are shipped disassembled, which means that the shipping boxes are half the length of traditional one-piece elements. Shipping costs are reduced and any potential damages, which could occur during shipping, are minimized.

Look to filtration’s future now
With decades of experience, Jonell has become the one-source supplier for the energy industry’s filtration/separation requirements. Featuring an extensive line of original solutions, the company also manufactures the largest selection of OEM filtration replacement products for oil and gas companies. Further enhancing its reputation is the company’s innovative dual-stage coalescing Twist-LOK Filter Series: the industry’s newest go-to filtration product for natural and process gas.

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