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Inline pleated pack cutter

A2Z Filtration Specialities is a designer and manufacturer of filter production lines, filter testing equipment and filter components with a client base in over 65 countries across six continents. The company has evolved from an equipment and components supplier to developing complete customer solutions in the field of filter manufacturing.

A dynamic work force comprising of over 50 engineering professionals cover everything from designing, manufacturing, and installation. A2Z provides complete turnkey solutions around the globe, using state-of-the-art Solid Works® 3D design software for design and simulation of filter manufacturing lines.

Some of the recent production lines include high temperature air filters made from glass fiber material, inline pleated pack cutter and wire mesh, along with blade pleaters for pleat depths down to 2.5 mm (0.1”) and servo rotary pleaters along with pitching system.

High Temp Filters Material
As the filtration market grows for high temperature air filters, many options are available to users based on efficiency, cost and fitment requirements. One popular solution that has emerged is the use of glass fiber pleated material with glass fiber ribbon spacer. These air filters are easy to retrofit into existing housings/sizes and do not add substantial tooling or initial change over costs.

While providing required efficiency, the filter itself consists of glass fiber media, which can withstand temperature between 400-500˚F. This pleated media is then separated with glass fiber ribbon on both the in-feed and outlet side to reduce pressure drop and improve filter life. The pleated pack (above) is then placed into an aluminum/metal frame and is assembled without use of any glue.

These filters can easily be placed in any existing housing and provide long life, better efficiency compared to old designs using aluminum separators. The production process tends to be more efficient thus being a more cost effective solution for end users.
A2Z Filtration makes a pleating line known as A2Z Intelligent Blade Pleater with Ribbon Pitching System, which can produce such filter packs ranging from 1” to 6” in width and up to 40”.

Pleated pack by A2Z’s intelligent rotary pleater
with pitching system

Inline Pleated Pack Cutter
The Inline Pleated Pack Cutter is a unique offering for filter manufacturers who require slitting the material after pleating. This requirement is critical due to very tight tolerances, the behavior of the material while pleating, and the ability to run multiple webs for increased productivity.

A2Z Inline Pleated Pack cutter allows users to cut the multi layer packs after the media is pleated in various widths, with accuracies of ± 0.3mm (± 0.012”). This helps in providing an accurate cut to size filter to meet critical dimensions up to seven layers, and can cut materials such as wire mesh, nylon mesh, membrane, spun bonds, glass fibers, etc.

Pleater With Pitching System
The A2Z Intelligent Rotary Pleater with pitching system has the ability to change pleat depth on the fly. The option of single or twin indenting and the ability to pleat both cellulose and nonwoven medias are provided. After pleating, the equipment pitches the pleat and applies paper or hotmelt strips on the top or bottom or both sides of pleat. The equipment automatically cuts the pack based on the length or number of pleats. The whole process is achieved without any manual intervention. The equipment is designed to pleat up to 4¼” pleat height.

This process is used to manufacture cabin air filter as well HVAC panel filters. Due to its ease of use, versatility and quick return on investment, the equipment is popular with filter manufacturers.

Pleat Depths down to 0.1 Inch
A2Z Intelligent Blade Pleater is used for very precise pleating including pleat depths down to 2.5mm (0.1”) as shown in photo above­.
The advantages of this equipment are: quick set up and pleat depth ranges from 2.5 -152.5mm (0.1” - 6”), giving a quick return on the investment. For pleating of small steel strips, a provision is provided to remove the pleated pack from the feed side; therefore, an operator is not required to move to the discharge side to remove the pleat pack.

Each of the above systems uses Allen Bradley® or Siemens® Controls, Servo Motors, and other ”state of the art” inputs to provide a perfect fit to the purpose product.

A2Z excels in providing superior value and durable, globally serviceable product lines. Components are sourced from leading global suppliers to ensure ease of availability and trouble free maintenance. Features such as remote access for servicing and up gradation of equipment software coupled with pictorial manuals make A2Z products easy to use, efficient and a great value.

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