July/August 2012 | Volume 31, No. 4

The Importance of Design and Customization in Filter Production Equipment

By Digvijai Singh

Design center at A2Z Filtration, where engineers are using
3D design software in their work.

A2Z plays a key role in the development of new products for the filtration market, as it is an important conduit between the filter manufacturers and media manufacturers. Media manufacturers are constantly working on new media with superior dust holding capacity, increased filtration life and efficiency. Such Media has to be harnessed effectively by the filter manufacturer to get an efficient and consistent product. Further, given the high performance expectations from filters by end users, filter manufacturers are continuously striving to innovate and produce products to meet the end user requirements.

There have been several developments in media used by such filter manufacturers, which enhances the performance of filters in various conditions. The ability to manufacture the product efficiently and take advantage of all improvements (provided by the media manufacturers) is a task that equipment designers such as A2Z excel at. The company interacts with the leading global filter manufactures, niche filter manufactures and media manufacturers to develop solutions for production.
Equipment manufacturers such as A2Z Filtration Specialities Pvt. Ltd. have a knowledgeable team with an understanding of filtration, are willing to work with filter manufacturers to design production lines tailor-made to specific requirements and technical details of such customers.

A2Z Filtration Specialities continues to expand its services to filter manufacturers by offering:

  • A2Z Glass fiber ribbon pleating for high temperature filtration
  • A2Z Cabin Filter production lines with a pleater, inline slitter, side gluing system (hotmelt) and Automatic Cross Cutter
  • A2Z End Cap Embedding Machines - developed as an environmentally greener option as the entire filter can be incinerated as no polyvinyl chloride or Polyurethane are used
  • A2Z Blade and Rotary Intelligent pleaters - with very versatile pleating and a variety of pleat configurations that allow Filter manufacturers complete flexibility (to offer innovative and efficient filtration products)
  • Media manufacturers are attracted by options such as "soft touch" for glass fiber and other delicate media applications on the intelligent blade pleater. The option of changing the pleat depth on the fly in the Intelligent Rotary Pleater is also a unique feature. This along with the auto media thickness compensation allows for maximizing the filtration area and makes efficient use of what are usually expensive media grades. This reflects just a snap shot of A2Z
  • A designer and manufacturer of filter production lines, filter testing equipment and filter components with a client base in over 65 countries across six continents. The company has evolved from an equipment and components supplier to developing complete customer solutions in the field of filter manufacturing lines with over 1,000 lines working worldwide.

A2Z's components are sourced from leading global suppliers to ensure ease in availability and trouble free maintenance. Features such as remote access for servicing and up gradation of equipment software, coupled with pictorial manuals make their products easy to use, service and operate.

Glass fiber ribbon spacer
pleated pack for
high temperature filtration.

Pleat pitching system with hotmelt ribbon for air filters.
Cabin filter

The company has achieved this thanks to its dynamic work force made up of engineering professionals experienced in installation, implementation and specialized training for filtration equipment and complete turnkey projects around the globe. For future growth and expansion of its product line, A2Z's second facility, which came online in fall of 2011, has helped double the company's capacity.

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