UBM Asia: Leading Filtration and Separation Communicator in Asia and China

Denny Jin

By Jason Chen, China Correspondent

UBM Asia is the organizer of the 7th Filtration & Separation Asia (FSA) and the 10th China International Filtration & Separation Exhibition (CIFSE) to be held on December 5-7, 2018 in Shanghai. The 7th FSA and the 10th CIFSE is one of the leading events for the filtration and separation industry in China and Asia. UBM Asia is a subsidiary of Informa Plc., one of the world’s leading B2B information service providers and the largest exhibition organizer. UBM Asia has several divisions including business information, academic publications and exhibitions. In Asia alone, UBM Asia holds over 290 exhibitions and meetings per year, providing one-stand B2B platforms and solutions for over two million exhibitors, buyers, conference delegates, advertisers, and audiences from around the world. The industries UBM Asia covers, related to filtration and separation technologies, include: pharmaceutical manufacturing, food, water treatment, medical device, building and construction, advanced manufacturing, marine, and aviation.

Jason Chen: How well is the 7th Filtration & Separation Asia organized and prepared? What are the highlights the exhibitors and visitors can expect?

Denny Jin: The 7th FSA and the 10th CIFSE will be held in December this year in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). Compared with the past editions, the scale of this year’s expo has increased significantly and the internationalization and quality have improved, with exhibited areas growing significantly by 25% from the previous edition held in 2016.

The number of international exhibitors will also hit a historical high. More than 200 exhibitors will attend this year’s event, and about 30% of them will be from other countries than China, such as Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Czech, India, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The leading players in many specific markets will attend the event. They include Lenzing, Norafin, Rettenmaier, Elmarco, Ablioglu, Hollingsworth & Vose, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Berry Global, Low & Bonar, Johns Manville, Neenah Gessner, SWM, Mitsubishi Paper Mills, Taypus, Zisun, and Sinoma.

The exhibits will illustrate mainstream and trends of the global filtration and separation industry. These exhibits will cover a full range from raw materials such as polyester fibers, fiberglass and nonwoven, to products and technologies such as filtration media, filters, filter manufacturing equipment, separation devices, testing equipment and software, and nano-technologies.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be several other on-site events focusing on technological applications, featured by internationalization and innovation, held around the same period of the exhibition. These events include FILTREX™ and the China International Automotive Filtration Forum.

Working with the European Disposables and Non-Wovens Association (EDANA), UBM Asia will bring Filtrex to China for the first time. In Filtrex China, held on December 4 and 5, a series of important topics such as global trends, technological innovation, industry standards, and applications of filtration and separation will be discussed by experts from Freudenberg & Vilene, Lydall, Mann Hummel, Hollingsworth & Vose, Berry Global, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Lenzing, Johns Manvill, Palas and others.

In the automotive filtration forum held on December 7, several important topics will be discussed, including advanced filtration materials; the design, manufacturing and standards of automotive filters; and the efficiency test of automotive emissions. The supporters of the forum include some of China’s leading organizations such as the Vehicle-Used Filters Committee of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Filters Committee of China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, and Filters Sub-Committee of the National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization.

Jason Chen: Is there any strategic plan in place for your company in the filtration and separation industry?

Denny Jin: Our goal is to integrate our existent and vast resources of customers and media from different industries for promoting and organizing FSA. We hope to brand FSA to be one of the most influential exhibitions in the filtration and separation industry, so as to provide enormous opportunities for business and technological communication to our customers.

Jason Chen: Is there one national filtration & separations society in China, or are there many different societies? Is your company working with other societies?

Denny Jin: As you know, filtration and separation technologies often combine physical, chemical and even biological methods and are widely used in many different industries such as chemical, oil & gas, energy, metallurgy, automobile, food, electronics, air conditioning and HVAC, and even in our daily lives. And for different applications, the technologies and methods of filtration are often different.

The Committee of Filtration & Separation, China Technology Market Association (CFS), approved by China’s Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, is the only national organization for the filtration and separation industry in China so far, and one of the organizers of the 7th FSA and the 10th CIFSE. The goals of CFS include promoting the use of filtration and separation technologies, building platforms for technological communication and market exploration, connecting the government and companies, and pushing the rapid and healthy growth of the industry.

Apart from our close cooperation with CFS, we also maintain long-term cooperation with many other international and regional organizations. For example, this year’s Filtrex is a result of working with EDANA. We also had a successful cooperation with the American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS) for a conference about nano filtration technologies at SINCE 2017, held in November last year. Other organizations we have been working with for a long time include: the Asia Nonwoven Fabrics Association (ANFA), the Taiwan Filtration Society (TFS), the Taiwan Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association (TNFIA), and the Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI).

Through international cooperation, we have helped Chinese homegrown filtration companies learn advanced technologies and experience through their communication with foreign counterparts. On the other hand, this cooperation has also created a platform to help foreign companies know the market demands and industry environment in China and explore new business opportunities.

Jason Chen: How big is the filtration and separation industry in China?

Denny Jin: Filtration and separation technologies are in fact ubiquitous, covering a wide range of industries from civilian to industrial and to military applications. China has a big population and a large manufacturing industry, and the market size is huge, boosted by the increasingly stricter environmental protection and emission control. Regarding the real market sizes, different sources have given different answers. At Filtrex, experts will discuss the related market situation. I’m sure that anyone who is interested in this question will find good answers and related information at Filtrex. In any case, the Chinese filtration and separation industry will no doubt have very good prospects.

Jason Chen: Is the Chinese government supporting the filtration and separation industry in order to clean air and water?

Denny Jin: Yes, the Chinese filtration and separation industry is largely boosted by the Chinese government’s measures and goals for treating air and water pollution. But this is not the only momentum to the industry. The upgrading of the Chinese manufacturing industries also requires higher quality control and efficiency for many core components, including filters, which are necessary for large-scale equipment. In addition, rising public concerns over environmental protection also support the development of the filtration and separation industry. All these positive factors have come to shine at the exhibition, resulting in the rising scale and numbers of international companies at this year’s event. As the organizer of FSA, we sincerely welcome companies and users of filtration and separation products to come and visit our expo and conference, where they will find the best solutions and get to know more industry information through the platforms we have built.