Rosedale Products Pleated Cartridges for Filter Bag Housings

By Dan Morosky, Vice President of Sales, Rosedale Products, Inc.

Rosedale Products, Inc. is a leading technology developer in the field of liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products for customers around the globe. With more than 50 years of experience, Rosedale offers an exceptional product line that includes high-performance filtration solutions for multiple industries. Rosedale technicians help customers find the best, most cost-effective approaches to their filtration needs.

The company’s product line sets the industry standard in versatility and reliability and includes bag and cartridge filters, basket strainers, and automatic back washing filters, filter cartridges, and many special application products. Together with ongoing consulting, troubleshooting, and support from the team of in-house experts, Rosedale provides comprehensive solutions for every critical industry filtration need.

Rosedale manufactures industrial filtration products for virtually any industry where liquid and gas flows are present.

Bag-Sized Pleated Cartridge and Basket

Bag-Sized Pleated Cartridge and Basket

The company has a vast product line that suits many needs, as well as the flexibility to customize standard products. Rosedale’s sales staff has knowledge of many industrial practices, giving customers the confidence that their filter solution is the best available for their specific need. Their most popular products are bag filters, pleated cartridge filters, and basket strainers.

New Bag-Sized Cartridges
Provide Up to 12 Times More Dirt-Holding Capacity

End-users requiring a solution for their frequent filter servicing problems now have an option. The new PL series bag-sized cartridge element from Rosedale Products, Inc. incorporates the advantages of both bag and cartridge type elements into a single, absolute-rated unit capable of handling up to 12 times more dirt over conventional bags before needing to be replaced.

Like bags, Rosedale’s bag-sized pleated cartridges are easy to handle and trap contaminants inside, preventing “wash off” during removal of spent or dirty cartridges. Like cartridge elements, they provide larger surface area and greater dirt-holding capacity than standard bags.


Rosedale’s bag-sized pleated cartridges are uniquely constructed to enhance durability and performance. Twenty-five* square feet of high-efficiency material is sandwiched between two flow-enhancing, coarse-mesh screens, and then pleated in a supported construction. This supported pleat construction ensures flow cannot be pinched off, and it also greatly strengthens the overall integrity of the element. The cartridge end caps, made of solid molded polypropylene, are thermo-bonded to the pleated cylinder.

*For size 2 cartridges. Size 1 cartridges have 13 square feet of material.


  • Eleven micron retention ratings, from 1 to 110 at 95 percent efficiency, are available
  • Three different top sealing ring designs – one to fit all needs
  • Available in standard bag sizes 1 and 2, to fit housings 8-15 and 8-30
  • Low-pressure drop




Like the company’s other filter elements, Rosedale’s PL series bag-sized pleated cartridge elements use polyester or polypropylene micro fibers and standard fibers to produce the high-efficiency filter media. This unique construction provides filtration to 1 micron at 95 percent efficiency: a real rating for the real world, consistently giving the same level of performance from batch to batch.

Greater Capacity Means Longer Life Filtration Level

Rosedale’s PL series bag-sized pleated cartridge elements have been tested with the Single-Pass Efficiency Test using water and the AC Fine Dust Test. Water is passed through an initial pre-filter (at 0.45 ╬╝), after which contaminant is injected into the water line. An automatic particle counter analyzes the number of particles per milliliter greater than a selected size, before the water enters the filter. The water then passes through the test filter, and the effluent is analyzed for the number of those same-size particles. The number of particles removed provides the efficiency rating. For example, if after the single pass, 95 percent of the particles are removed, then the filter is 95 percent efficient at the specified micron rating.

Filtration Efficiency

Using the Single-Pass Efficiency Test, Rosedale has determined the following efficiency ratings for their pleated cartridges. Real ratings are accurate and reliable, time and time again.

Disposable Bag-Sized Pleated Cartridges Provide High Performance at a Low Cost – Compatible with Models 8, LCO, NCO, and Multi-Bag Filters

The new PL series bag-sized pleated cartridge elements from Rosedale Products, Inc. are easily installed in the company’s standard housings. The PLRICU cellulose filter provides 10 times the surface area of standard filter bags, and the PLRIPF polyester felt provides 6 times the area. Also available are a pleated element insert and a self-contained cartridge/basket combination. These low-cost, high-performing dirt gluttons provide superb capacity with filtration efficiency as high as 99 percent.


  • Available with or without metal cage
  • Seals in a standard strainer basket
  • Over 50 square feet of surface area
  • Beta 100 (99 percent) retention levels
  • Longer element life provides improved system efficiency

    Absolute Pleated Cartridge

    Absolute Pleated Cartridge


  • Fewer change-outs required
  • Less downtime
  • Improved quality due to improved retention ratings
  • Lower maintenance and labor costs
  • Reduced operator exposure
  • Recyclable with no metal (optional)


Rosedale’s Absolute-Rated Pleated Cartridges Deliver High Efficiency and Long Service Life

Filter cartridge elements from Rosedale Products, Inc. provide efficient solids removal in liquid systems. Absolute ratings range from 0.5 to 70 microns. Each cartridge has pleated, fixed pore media to maximize surface area and prevent particle unloading and fiber migration. Media selections include cellulose, fiberglass, polyester and polypropylene. The wide variety of media, filter sizes and end cap configurations provides customers with an ideal solution no matter their specific application. Superior construction materials and quality control techniques ensure that filter cartridge elements provide quality filtration, even in the harshest operating conditions.

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