Leading the Way in Engineered Filtration Solutions

Netting and meltblown nonwoven for liquid filtration

SWM has a global reputation as a top manufacturer and innovator of highly technical engineered materials, including specialty papers and resin-based offerings

SWM has united the expertise of Delstar Technologies and Conwed Plastics to expand its Filtration Portfolio. The company’s products are used in Reverse Osmosis (RO), Air, Liquid, Medical, and Automotive Filtration industries. Through acquisitions SWM has diversified its product portfolio and customer base in recent years, expanding its capabilities to include a variety of resin-based technologies and products. Today, SWM’s range of filtration products, coupled with the company’s custom-engineering capabilities, make it possible to produce and deliver solutions for customers worldwide.

Air filtration

From cabin air to HVAC filters, there are multiple types of media that help keep the air clean. Bacteria, pollen, and dust can all affect the way we breathe, so it’s important that the media works well.

Two of SWM’s leading brands in air filtration include DelPore® Meltblown Media and Alphastar™ Electrostatic Media, which are preferred components because of their high performance, quality and reliability.

Alphastar Electrostatic Media produces high efficiency with lower resistance when compared with similar products. It is designed to maximize filtration mechanisms to capture and retain particles. The static charge acts like a magnet, attracting both positive and negatively charged particles. As these particles begin to build up, they create a dust layer, increasing the medias mechanical filtration effects. It exhibits high dust-loading capacity with lower pressure drop for HVAC filters, cabin air filters and facemasks.


  • Stable Electrostatic Charge
  • High Performance-to-Weight Ratios
  • Various Needling Configurations
  • Weights Ranging between 40 to 200 gsm
  • Widths up to 90 inches (229cm)

DelPore Meltblown Media is a nonwoven, created using meltblown technology. It can use mechanical or charged filtration mechanisms to capture and retain particles, and can be utilized in many different markets including industrial pre-filtration, medical facemasks, respirators, and HVAC systems.


  • Available in air and liquid grades
  • Fiber diameter range from 0.5 to 10 microns
  • Thickness range from 3 to 300 mils
  • Basis weight from 10  to 400 gsm
  • In PP, PBT, PA, PE, and other blends
  • Up to 88 inches (2.2 m) wide
  • Two forms of electrostatic treatment

Meltblown and electrostatic media, and apertured film for air filtration

Process and Automotive Filtration

SWM offers high-quality netting, nonwovens, and tubing to provide a complete solution for its liquid filtration customers. Liquid filtration encompasses anything from beverage filtration to oil filters for large machinery. SWM offers many product lines to satisfy a client’s process filtration needs.

SWM maintains a relentless eye for product details and performance to ensure liquid filtration customers’ defined criteria are met. Once made, each product is tested and measured against its own individual standards.

  • Naltex Rigid Tube is a biplanar extruded tube used as a core or cage in liquid filtration applications
  • Naltex Extruded Netting, acts as pleat support in air filtration applications or cartridge sleeve in liquid filtration
  • DelPore Meltblown Media is offered in calendered and uncalendered liquid grades
  • Delnet Apertured Films can be utilized as a pleat support in specific high-end, high purity liquid applications
  • Conwed Square Netting provides containment, protection and separation functionalities for multiple applications

Automotive customers rely on SWM to provide high-quality filtration media for on-road and off-road vehicles. For high-temperature applications, a variety of specialized resins are available for automotive filtration. Ultrasonically or thermally bonded composites can be provided as engineered solutions.

Reverse osmosis filtration

Coretec tube for reverse osmosis filters

When it comes to reverse osmosis components, SWM is “best in class” with over 40 years of experience manufacturing feed spacers, as well as Coretec® permeate tubes. Naltex Extruded Netting, the company’s premier diamond net, is one of the most trusted brands and the most utilized netting in the RO filtration industry for feed spacers. With thermally bonded strand intersections, Naltex Extruded Netting promotes cross flow and turbulence characteristics to enhance performance and protect membrane surfaces from damage.

SWM’s experienced technical team understands the advantages of reducing pressure drop and membrane damage with innovative feed spacer designs. The company is continuously expanding its reverse osmosis membrane industry knowledge and expertise to its global customers in the United States, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North African regions. It manufactures a full line of custom designed feed spacers with varying geometries, proprietary resins and innovative web profiles.

Coretec machined products include permeate tubes, ADTs, interconnectors, and adapters. They are available in advanced engineering-grade resins and stainless steels.

Collaborate For Customers

As a trusted partner, SWM embraces collaboration with its customers to deliver innovative, tailor-made solutions to enhance the value of their products. The company’s global team strives to exceed expectations with world-class manufacturing capabilities and technologies, an expanded product portfolio, and a growing international presence.


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