JCEM’s Application-Specific Lineup Covers All the Bases

P3 Machine and Cleanroom Unwind

By Chris Lyons, Sales Manager, JCEM USA

For more than 20 years, JCEM has been producing the world’s finest pleating equipment under its “P-series Generation.” Starting with its P1 machine in 1996 to its latest P7 model in 2017, JCEM continues to innovate exceptionally.

P3 Series
Over the last 15 years, JCEM’s P3 Generation has become an industry standard, implemented by most of the world’s largest filter companies for its extreme versatility, robust mechanical design, ease of operation, and high reliability. The P3 covers the vast majority of common pleating applications, including single-layer synthetic, multi-layer wire mesh, and nearly anything in between. Based on its track record, popularity, and capability, the P3 is projected to be JCEM’s biggest seller for years to come.

The P3 Series

P4 Series
The P4, released in 2013, is a modified P3 geared toward higher pleating speeds for applications that do not require as much strength or pleat compaction. As such, certain performance modifications can fine-tune the P3 in order to produce higher speeds. This is often a request from many air-filtration customers who prefer a more open pleat spacing, and who are also looking to optimize pleating speed. The P4 can also be used in Mini Pleating and Cabin Air applications where speed is critical.

The P4 Series

P6 Series
The P6, released in 2015, is the world’s first one-size-fits-all pleating machine. Finally, customers don’t have to selectively pick and choose the pleat height range that best fits their needs. The P6 offers a pleat height range from 3mm (.118”) all the way to 300mm (11.84”).  This wide range is offered without any sacrifice of performance at either end of the spectrum. The ingenious design not only offers more versatility, but also more than doubles the strength and torque in each axis making it the strongest machine JCEM offers. It is an excellent choice for customers needing a highly versatile pleating cell or for the world’s ultimate R&D pleating machine. The P6 is also offered with less pleat height ranges for those customers looking for more strength, but don’t have the need for the full pleat height variance the P6 offers.

The P6 Series

P7 Series
The P7, released in 2017, is another revolutionary design geared specifically toward high-speed applications. Whereas the P4 machine is a high-performance version of the P3, the P7 is an all-new ingenious servo-driven mechanical design that allows for sustained pleating speeds of over 400 pleats per minute at a 20mm (.787”) pleat height. Because of JCEM’s well-known Swiss quality and precision, the pleat consistency on the new P7 is flawless, even at these record-breaking speeds.

The P7 Series

And Much More
In addition to the above-mentioned standard machines, JCEM also offers custom production lines based on the specific requirements of the application. JCEM works closely with the customer to understand any challenges, needs, long-term plans, and wish list items. This thorough attention and analysis of each application helps to further design and build a world-class system to bring everything together in a turnkey package. Further, JCEM offers many standard peripheral accessories, which are often critical to even a standard pleating system, such as Automatic Unwind Systems with various tension control options, In-line Slitting for both single-layer and multi-layer materials, Automatic Pleat Height Control, Batch Reporting Software for evaluating and monitoring the process, Cross Cutting devices, and much more.

JCEM is headquartered in Fulenbach, Switzerland, where every machine is designed and built-to-order by experienced Swiss craftsman who demand the utmost precision. As a market leader and innovator, JCEM excels in meeting and exceeding the ever changing and stricter CE Machinery Directives. The integrated safety technology of the JCEM machinery, especially on the drive and control side, insures the operator’s personal protection at all times.

JCEM USA, located in Simpsonville, Ky., is the long-time exclusive distributor for JCEM products throughout North and South America. JCEM USA is not simply a sales office, but rather a bona fide extension of the headquarters in Switzerland. Having two knowledgeable and experienced full-time technicians for new machine installation and setup, followed by as-needed on-site, phone and remote (via login) service. Combined, the JCEM USA team has more than 60 years of real world, pleating experience, making the company well equipped to handle even the most challenging applications.


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