JCEM Solves Age-Old Pleating Dilemma with New P6 Pleating Machine

By Chris Lyons, Sales Manager, JCEM USA

After many years of selling pleating equipment, customers often wish for a pleating machine with a pleat height range above and beyond their immediate needs. That request is normal as culture longs for the bigger engine, the 3rd row seat, the larger flat screen and so on. Name it and consumers want it bigger and better and there is nothing wrong with that. However, pleating machines, specifically blade-pleating machines, don’t work that way. If one decides they need that taller pleat height machine, for that once-in-a-while pleating job their best customer asks for, then that machine will forever be slower and weaker than its smaller counterpart. This is because of the extra weight and inertia it must overcome on every pleating stroke the machine makes with those larger, and ultimately heavier, pleating blades required. Therefore, an important part when consulting with customers on their pleating application is to really push back and question their need for that larger machine, and ensure they are aware of the negatives when choosing to go with that larger machine. But today, the struggle of bigger isn’t always better is over, and the following are the reasons why.

Swiss Ingenuity

The ultra-talented engineers at JCEM’s Headquarters in Switzerland have introduced the new “P6″ Pleating machine, which brings what was once a pipe dream to reality. Finally, customers don’t have to selectively pick and choose which pleat height range best fits their application. Now they can have a machine, which can pleat multi-layer stainless steel at 3mm (.118″) or extremely sensitive membrane at 250mm (9.84”) pleat heights – a range that was never before possible on the same machine.

Excellence High & Low

Not only can the new P6 design pleat at 3mm depths, it can also pleat extremely strong materials with high force by using a new press-feature to further compress the material at the blade overlap point. In addition, JCEM’s optional servo-controlled horizontal backpressure system can be integrated for the ultimate in high-compression, high-strength pleating. This combination has eliminated many secondary compression processes by JCEM’s customers.

As for tall pleat heights, the new P6 can be programmed with extreme finesse for the most sensitive pleating applications at pleat heights all the way up to 300mm (11.84″). This kind of pleat height range and control combination has never before been offered in a blade pleating machine and opens up many new possibilities for pleating applications that were never possible before.

Target Customers

JCEM sees this new P6 machine filling two specific needs:

1. It overcomes the classical tradeoff of pleat height ranges so that customers don’t have to choose one or the other. This is perfect for the customer in need of a flexible pleating cell that can run a huge variety of materials and pleat heights on short notice and with very little effort.

2. The P6 arguably becomes the world’s finest Research & Development (R&D) pleating machine because it can cover such a wide range of products and pleat heights. This truly fills the dreams of many in the R&D world that could have only imagined such a machine would exist someday. An R&D application could be either a media company looking to refine the “pleat ability” of its own material or a cutting-edge filter company looking to develop the next big product within the privacy of their own facility.

Related Accessories

JCEM USA headquarters in Kentucky

JCEM USA headquarters in Kentucky

JCEM manufactures all related accessories to the pleating process such as, end of material detection, integrated roll lifts, and Automatic Unwind Systems, which can include servo-controlled dancers for the ultimate in web-tension control. JCEM also offers Inline Slitting devices for single and multi-layer configurations including stainless steel mesh, Post-Cutting devices, Cross-Cutting, and several offline devices to compliment the pleating process.

JCEM is a world leader when it comes to integrated safety standards on its machinery and excels in meeting the ever changing and stricter CE Machinery Directives. The integrated safety technology of the JCEM machinery, especially on the drive and control side, insures the operator’s personal protection at all times.

Also note that JCEM USA has a working showroom of equipment located in Simpsonville, Ky. where prospective customers are warmly welcomed to visit for personal demonstrations of the company’s machinery. The facility features two (2) JCEM CNC Controlled Pleating Machines with Inline Slitting and multi-layered automatic unwind stations, and they will have the new P6 machine by mid-November.

JCEM still provide highly experienced on-site technical assistance for all their customers and maintain a vast inventory of spare parts for all the JCEM pleating equipment. JCEM is fully committed to providing the best domestic service of any machine supplier in the industry.

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