JCEM Does It Again with All-New P7 Model

P7 High Speed Pleating Machine running 400 pleats per minute on a 24/7 basis.

By Chris Lyons, Sales Manager, JCEM USA

In 2015, JCEM GmbH Switzerland introduced their newest P6 Generation Pleating machine that truly revolutionized what was possible with one pleating machine. The P6 gave their customers more flexibility, in terms of pleat height, material width and material types, than any other Pleating machine in the industry.

Now, in 2017, JCEM does it again by offering another revolutionary design with its all-new High Speed P7 Pleating machine. Where the P6 was focused on an enormous pleat height range (3mm – 300mm) and nearly endless material configurations, the P7’s main target is high-speed pleating, and JCEM has hit the bullseye. While the high speed P7 is a new machine, it is already gaining quick attention from manufacturers looking to dramatically increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing the footprint of existing machinery running much lower speeds.

The P7 incorporates an ingenious new servo-driven mechanical design that allows for sustained pleating speeds of over 400 pleats per minute at 20mm (.7874”) pleat heights. Because of JCEM’s well-known Swiss-quality and precision, the pleat consistency on the new P7 is absolutely perfect even at these record-breaking speeds.

As many filter manufacturers will attest, one of the only downsides to blade-pleating has always been in relation to pleating speed. When compared to rotary pleating speeds, blade pleating speeds have traditionally paled in comparison. However, JCEM’s blade pleating machinery offers much better pleat quality and heat-setting properties than rotary pleating, specifically on today’s more prevalent synthetic materials.  Considering the possibility of integrating inline slitting (crush or shear) into the blade-pleating process running at 400 pleats per minute, the speed gap between rotary and blade suddenly gets much smaller. Rotary pleating still has its place in the industry for cellulose media, but with the introduction of more synthetic materials into the market, the new JCEM P7 high-speed machine will definitely become a major factor.

Machine Targets

While JCEM sees the P7 filling needs across a huge range of applications, there are two specific targets where the company believes this high-speed model will excel:

1. Cabin-Air Applications specifically for those medias, which cannot be rotary-pleated and must be blade-pleated, such as activated carbon or other synthetics.

2. Mini-Pleating applications requiring synthetic medias that cannot be rotary-pleated or that require a much more defined and precise pleat formation, which traditional mini-pleating (rotary) machinery cannot offer. This is especially important with certain glass/synthetic media blends that might accept score pleating, but are left with a curved or bowed pleat shape, producing an adverse effect on pressure drop and filter performance.

Traditionally, the overall speed of the above applications has been limited by the speed of the pleating process. The new P7 will allow many manufacturers to simply swap out an existing and much slower machine with very little downtime or interruption of the existing process. The P7 could “Plug & Play” with the existing equipment and process in a matter of hours. No major downtime, no re-organizing of work cells, and very little capital investment for such a huge boost in production.

Dual-Layer Unwind and Pleating System at 3000 mm width.

New 3.0 Meter Wide P6 Machine

JCEM is also pleased to announce its new P6 3.0 Meter Wide (118″) CNC Blade Pleating machine that was successfully taken into operation earlier in 2017. The new 3.0-meter-wide pleating machine, an 800mm increase over the previous max width of 2.2 meters, addresses those customers who wish to pleat certain medias at full-width. This often allows manufacturers to negotiate better pricing with their suppliers. By receiving material rolls in their native widths, the need to slit down the media by the manufacturer is eliminated and therefore does not add cost to the filter manufacturer. This also opens up new possibilities for future filter designs requiring longer filter lengths.

In addition, pleating at much wider widths allows the manufacturer to pair the slitting in-line with the pleating process that makes the entire process significantly efficient for several reasons. First of all, cost-savings on the raw material as mentioned above. Second, it allows the filter manufacturer to standardize roll widths at one common size, which greatly reduces inventory costs and frees up valuable storage space. It also combines in-line slitting and pleating into one process to give the manufacturer the flexibility to create any slit width they need during the pleating process. Perhaps most important, the filter manufacturer can also slit wide materials into many narrow widths, when producing smaller filters, which increases the throughput of the line exponentially. So instead of pleating only one “lane” through the machine, they could produce as many as 10, 20, or 30 lanes across the width depending on the application. Finally, the new 3.0-meter-wide machine also offers product development potential for new designs utilizing full 3.0 meter widths that were previously not possible due to machine limitations.

Precision Tension Control at Entry Side of 3000 mm Wide Pleating System.


JCEM also manufactures more off-the-shelf pleating equipment, such as its P3 generation, which has been sold throughout the world for nearly 20 years. In addition, it offers all related accessories to the pleating process such as automatic unwinding systems, in-line slitting systems, offline slitter/rewinders, cross-cutting devices, and offers customized equipment when the application demands. All JCEM equipment is designed, manufactured, and hand-assembled at the world headquarters located in Switzerland.

JCEM USA has a working showroom of equipment located in Simpsonville, Ky. where prospective customers are welcomed to visit for personal demonstrations of the company’s machinery. The facility features (2) JCEM CNC Pleating Machines (P3 & P6 Generation), in-line slitting, multi-layer unwinding, and more.

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