In Memoriam – Larry Avery

Larry Avery, American Filtration & Separations Society Pioneer, 1921 – 2015

Larry Avery

Larry Avery

Larry Avery became active with the United Kingdom Filtration Society from its beginnings in 1963. In 1968 Mr. Avery formed the NY Chapter of the Society and was twice President of the Chapter. Mr. Avery served as United States Chairman of the American Program Committee of the Filtration Society from 1984-1985. He authored numerous filtration technical papers, was a frequent presenter at conferences and a passionate contributor to the AFS following it’s founding in 1987.

Larry Avery graduated from the University of Rochester in 1942 and received his MBA from New York University in 1952. He served in the Navy during World War II. His long career in filtration began in 1954 as a Sales Engineer for Brosites Products Corporation selling filter presses and cellulose filter paper media from a specialty paper mill in Mount Holly Springs, PA. In 1957 Mr. Avery joined Eaton-Dikeman (now Ahlstrom) as Sales Manager. In 1962 Mr. Avery founded Avery Filter Company, Inc., a reseller and manufacturer’s agent specializing in filter equipment and media. He worked at his company for the next 50 years until the age of 92.

An avid piano player and jazz enthusiast, Mr. Avery continued to play music throughout his life. Whenever a Society meeting was held at a hotel with a piano, you could be sure that he would not hesitate to entertain, playing a long list of jazz standards from his repertoire, much to the delight of the attendees.