At the Core: It’s Their Business

In an industry dominated by technical interface nuances and highly complicated processes, systems and requirements, the soft keys to success are often overlooked. The intentional focus on exceeding expectations makes the difference between really good and exceptional supplier partners.

Raising the bar starts with understanding the values that drive an organization. Then, most importantly, the organization measures and maintains its focus on demonstrated, actionable results. In other words, a great partner reinforces what’s important to the customer and uniquely delivers on its value equation.

Like a Ton of Bricks

One filtration industry stalwart, core supplier Beverlin Specialty Tube, has literally inscribed its core values, also referred to as “Leadership Covenants,” into its Grand Rapids, Michigan workplace. The bricks aren’t merely in the entry for show, but right in the middle of the employee lunchroom, where they serve as a constant reminder and reference.

Each of the 10 bricks serves as a talking point to celebrate a success story. They also use the bricks for focused discussions with their team to continually improve the organization.

One of the values carved in stone is be a “Customer Fanatic.” While it’s fair to say that every company understands the importance of customer service, Beverlin takes the commitment a step further—exuding an intense devotion to doing everything the team can to make an overwhelming difference.

The Christmas Gift

Beverlin CEO Michael Melinn recalls a story that reinforces the concept of relentless commitment to customer partners. “Last year, we received a panicked call at noon on Christmas Eve from a valued customer partner. A stock-out condition prevented them from shipping a critical nuclear filter package that had to go out the day after Christmas. After a quick review, we found the material, finished key operations, and delivered the parts to that customer by 10 a.m. on December 26. Recounting that story, and many others like it, provides the platform to reinforce what it means to be a “Customer Fanatic” with a “We Could If” versus “We Can’t Because” approach.


Shared Understanding

Melinn and partner Len Slott purchased the company in 2012 and have steadily guided its trajectory to become the premier regional and international supplier of spiral and straight seam welded cores. Beverlin ships to China, Thailand, Australia, India, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Finland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, among other countries.

Filtration manufacturers ranging in size from small, family-owned shops to large public entities say partnering with Beverlin for spiral, straight and string wound filter cartridge cores eliminates headaches. While other companies merely dictate the offering, Beverlin starts by understanding what the customer needs.

“Beverlin has developed into a key trading partner for our company by offering high quality products, logistics support and exceptional customer service. Their proactive approach to doing business has added value to our supply chain while making my job as a buyer easier. Beverlin wants to be the best and it shows.”
–Eric Watson, The Hilliard Corporation

Experience Matters

Knowing that they are partnering with a company with more than four decades of demonstrated experience goes a long way toward alleviating the risk many new buyers express when sourcing their products or moving their entire portfolio.

Beverlin has stocking arrangements with many customers and counts on Kanban systems for maintaining individualized company requirements—some include hundreds of part numbers—each with different grades of steel, perforation patterns, end margins, and surface finish and plating requirements.

Quality Counts

Beverlin’s quality performance is another key differentiator, according to customers. Most customers treat it as “dock to stock” meaning they can move product right from the truck to their assembly area. Beverlin is currently ISO 9001:2008 and soon will be ISO 9001:2015.

“We switched our business over to Beverlin because of the outstanding quality of their products. Their customer service has also been second to none making them one of our highest rated suppliers.”
Beth, Major Filter Manufacturing Company

Youwelta "fresh-eye's" new cores as part of Bervelin's Product Launch System.

Youwelta “fresh-eye’s” new cores as part of Bervelin’s Product Launch System.

In-House Investments, Proprietary Network, Trusted Relationships 

To support longevity in its spiral welded and straight seam welded core business, Beverlin has invested a significant amount of capital in unique tooling to produce virtually any size tube. Beverlin provides the material construction required, including the full range of stainless steels, mild steels and super austenitic alloys.

With an in-house tooling group for prototypes and production, the team is responsive to turning in first articles to ensure a seamless transition for new business relationships.

Additionally, Beverlin works with a proprietary network of metal finishing experts specializing in passivation, electro-polish, tin plating, zinc plating and nickel plating as well as other coatings and finishes where needed.

“Our approach to building trusted relationships with customer partners has resulted in our continued growth and expanding our business to meet our customers’ needs, said Paul Cole, president of Beverlin.

“In some instances, we are providing a welded assembly of adjoining metal fittings. As we sought to better understand our customer needs, it became apparent that many filter companies struggle to manage the various fit interfaces between the various metal parts, which traditionally interface with the core.”

“We can account for many of the traditional fit challenges as we make the core and provide the customers with a finished core so they can go directly into final assembly, which is a huge relief to many of our clients.”

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