A “Hole” Lot More From Your Perforated Core

As the filtration market continues to evolve, with the constant introduction of new technologies, what used to be considered a simple part, the perforated metal core, has evolved as well.

Today, the drive for customer differentiation and specialization has expanded the concept of perforated metal cores and tubes to include a wider variety of product options than ever before, including end margins, perforated skip patterns and welded fittings.

Founded in 1976 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Beverlin Specialty Tube has become the industry leader in perforated metal tubing and fabricated assemblies for filtration manufacturers. By focusing on exceptional customer service and embracing a “we could if” vs. “we can’t because” attitude, Beverlin has become the go-to company for filtration manufacturers around the world’especially those that are seeking a true industry partner to help define and deliver applications that best meet their needs.

“Most of the engineers and buyers we work with are very busy and we make the process simple,” said Paul Cole, company vice president. “We can work from something as simple as a description, sketch or a formal drawing. Our goal is to make this process as effective and efficient as possible. We work collaboratively with our customers to define the optimal solutions for their application. This includes taking time to understand their needs and ask questions that others don’t ask.”

Customers appreciate the Beverlin difference. “Their proactive approach to doing business has added value to our supply chain while making my job as a Buyer easier,” said Eric Watson of The Hilliard Corporation, a New York-based global manufacturer of motion control and filtration technologies. “Beverlin has developed into a key trading partner for our company by offering high-quality products, logistics support and exceptional customer service. They want to be the best in the industry and it shows,” he added.

By combining a full range of vertically integrated tube manufacturing and assembly options with complete in-house tooling capabilities, Beverlin provides the full range of products necessary for filtration manufacturers to be successful. This includes everything from straight and spiral welded cores, as well as cones, end caps, strainer baskets, flanges, rings and fittings, to fully welded and finished assemblies in a variety of steel materials and surface finishes.


Unique Capabilities

As a company with 40 years of experience, Beverlin has accumulated an impressive array of equipment and processes to solve even the most challenging requirements. Many of these services are either unique to Beverlin, or uniquely executed.

In-house tooling and perforation enables Beverlin to produce all common perforation patterns as well as just about any specialty pattern. For example, skips in perforation patterns can be set as far apart as customers would like them and optional end/safe margins can be introduced to create non-perforated areas at the ends of a tube.

Combining this perforation flexibility with Beverlin’s ability to achieve a variety of welded seam styles including straight, spiral, tack, overlap and resistance welding creates endless possibilities for customers.

To meet filter manufacturers’ increasing demand for a variety of surface treatment options, Beverlin offers bright tin, zinc and nickel-plating services. Additional options include washing, passivation, heat-treating, oil treatments and electro-polishing.

In addition to core forming, Beverlin also provides vibratory deburring, end forming, flaring, sizing, abrasive blasting, and counter-boring.

Turnkey Solutions

This integration of product expertise allows Beverlin to save customers from the onerous task of managing multiple suppliers and services and the inherent industry fit-up issues that can result. By bringing completed assemblies right to their docks for immediate use, customers can focus on their core competencies and grow successfully.

In some cases, Beverlin also maintains stocking agreements for customer convenience and just-in-time delivery, which reduces the often long delivery time required to obtain product.

With a team of highly skilled technicians, Beverlin can pull from its arsenal of tooling and tube mills to produce filter cores of any diameter.

With a team of highly skilled technicians, Beverlin can pull from its arsenal of tooling and tube mills to produce filter cores of any diameter.

With all of these capabilities available, Beverlin partners with customer engineering departments to devise the most efficient, effective products to solve their specific challenges. This makes Beverlin a total turnkey solution provider, from concept to completion.

“We switched our business over to Beverlin because of the outstanding quality of their products,” added Beth ?????, a buyer for a global filter manufacturer. “Their customer service has also been second to none, making them one of our highest-rated suppliers,” she said.

Beverlin is proud to make its products in the USA using only materials that adhere to DFARS acquisition regulations and comply with conflict mineral regulations. The company is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and employs a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) to help ensure that all projects are completed on time and on budget.

The Driving Force of Change – Leadership Covenants

The driving force of what makes Beverlin unique is their Leadership Covenants. All Beverlin employees are guided by a set of 10 values called “Leadership Covenants” that are etched in individual bricks and displayed as a constant reminder of what is valued and expected.

By embracing such principles as having a “we could if” vs. “we can’t because” attitude and constantly striving to be “customer fanatics,” the covenants instill a sense of differentiation and pride in employees, setting them apart from their industry peers. Introduced in 2013, these covenants have pushed Beverlin to ever-greater heights of performance including a host of new products, expanded capacity, improved responsiveness, enhanced product-launch services and an impressive global footprint.

Serving Fortune 500 international companies, small family businesses, and every size firm in between, Beverlin supplies products and assemblies throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Regardless of the application, Beverlin has the ability to deliver the highest quality products and most exceptional customer service. The company is extremely excited about where it is going and so are its customers.


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