SpinTek Filtration, Inc.

10863 Portal Drive
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
Ph: 714-236-9190 | Fax: 714-236-9196
Website: www.spintek.com | E-Mail: pkirk@spintek.com
Contact Person: Patricia A. Kirk


SpinTek specializes in engineered solutions for industrial, commercial and oily waste water applications. With hundreds of installations worldwide, the company designs/manufactures solvent extraction (SX) media filters; proprietary CoMatrix® filters for copper, nickel, zinc hydrometallurgy operations; and Aqualescer® coalescers for high volume organic or oily waste applications.


The ST-II rotating filter using stainless steel membranes is suitable for extremely harsh wastewater or nuclear environments; for high solids or viscous applications where conventional filters typically fail. Sparkle®, a novel HF drinking water filter is designed for rural areas and developing countries.