IBR Laboratories

11599 Morrissey Road
Grass Lake, MI 49240
Ph: 517-522-8453 | Fax: 517-522-3695
Website: ibr-usa.com

Contact Person: Susan Goldsmith

IBR Laboratories provide accredited, A2LA (US) and UKAS (UK), independent testing services for the verification of filtration performance and particulate cleanliness. Located in Grass Lake Michigan and Milton Keynes, England, IBR provides accurate, rapid turnaround for critical applications in oil, fuel, air and water. IBR serves the automotive, fluid power, industrial, appliance, compressed air, HVAC, drinking water, and high purity filtration markets. We have testing capacities down to 0.01 micron in air and 0.1 micron in liquids, with flows up to 7000 SCFM (200 m3/min) in air and 200 GPM (760 L/min) in liquids.